Freight Forwarding

For the last 40 years, freight forwarding across the UK and Ireland has been our specialty. We have one goal: to collect, ship, and deliver your goods - on time, whilst providing excellent quality and customer service.

When you choose Hales Freight as your freight forwarding provider, your goods are handled entirely by our own staff and infrastructure, from start to finish. Our UK and Ireland depots are wholly owned and staffed by us. Our staff are the most experienced in the industry. Most of our team have been with the company for over 20 years.

Both in Ireland and the UK we have our own extensive fleet of flat trailers and trucks, so we can transport practically anything: Pallets of any description, electrical goods, foodstuffs, consumables, heavy machinery, fresh produce, aluminium & steel sheeting. All overnight if required. You name it, we’ve moved it. Hales Freight work with full loads and groupage. We also offer emergency freight, overnight express and hard to handle freight service.

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