Hales Freight is one of the longest standing pallet courier networks in the UK and Ireland, offering an overnight pallet collection and pallet delivery service to and from any part of Ireland and the U.K.

Both in Ireland and the UK we have our own extensive fleet of flat trailers and trucks, so we can transport pallets of any description: electrical goods pallets, foodstuffs pallets, consumable pallets, heavy machinery pallets, fresh produce pallets and pallets containing aluminium, steel or heavy parts. All overnight to and from anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

Some reasons why we’re considered a premier pallet delivery company between the UK and Ireland:

  • We run and operate our own depots, fleet, trailers and routes allowing us complete and independent coverage in the UK and Ireland for your pallet consignment.
  • We offer next day delivery of your pallets to any destination in the UK and next day delivery to all 32 counties in Ireland.
  • We are a premier customer of both Irish Ferries (Holyhead Port) and P&O (Liverpool Port) with whom we have built a longstanding relationship, consisting of over 40 years of moving pallets to and from the UK and Ireland.
  • We own and operate 4 large warehouses across the UK and Ireland, including a 35,000sq ft depot in Dublin staffed with over 65 experienced Hales Freight employees. Our warehousing staff is some of the best in the business and our customer service representatives can inform and update you at all times on the transit of your pallets. Pallet storage is also available at all our depots.
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